Cable/Harness Assembly

Among the various services Solution Technologies provides, Cable/Harness manufacturing is our core competency. Solution Technologies has built or supplied over a million cable configurations to industries from the 

Department of Defense to Aerospace, Entertainment and fossil Fuel 


Solution Technologies specializes in Micro wire assembly. From Power cable to Micro Coax, Solution Technologies can provide a quality assembly solution.

Let Solution Technologies apply proven "Cost Out" principles to your assembly needs!

Fiber Optic Assembly

Solution Technologies specializes in manufacturing POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) assemblies. POF requires a special talent to manufacture. Experience is a must at Solution Technologies. We have supplied millions of assemblies to a variety of fields of illumination.

If POF is a requirement, let Solution Technologies "light the way"!!

Mechanical Box Builds

Solution Technologies has Mechanical assembly experience of various strengths. Control or power box assemblies can be a customer supplied or full turnkey project. Send your sample assembly or drawing to Solution Technologies for evaluation, let your project team demonstrate our "COST OUT" approach!

Machined Parts

If you have a need for machining, let Solution Technologies evaluate your part or drawing. Solution Technologies has a strategic relationship with a Machine Shop partner. This gives us the capability to support customers with various machining type requirements. Solution Technologies is currently engaged in projects covering several industries, Aerospace, Medical, and Commercial.

Our Advantages are:

Reduced Rejection Rates
Production personnel are trained in the proper procedures for insulation displacement and crimping technology, plus proper soldering techniques to do the job right the first time, every time.

  • Our production floor is equipped with high quality automated wire processing equipment. For high speed terminal crimping
  • Flexible manufacturing cells allow high volume/low mix and low volume/high mix
  • Fully certified testing /validation
  • Low Costs Production Yield Big Savings
    With our skilled labor force and culture of a lean manufacturing environment, we take pride in producing at the highest levels of quality. The use of automation on large scale productions minimizes the time from prototype to market. Our extensive equipment line up, ranging from manual to air automated equipment, ensures our customers the highest quality resulting in cost reductions on both large and small orders.
  • Fully-Documented Quality Assurance
    Our quality control process results in products that exceeds even the most demanding customer requirements is what sets us apart from other cable manufactures. We maintain a balance score card available for customer review.
  • Rigorous Testing Means High Reliability
    Prior to shipment, all products are tested and inspected by our trained quality control personnel our cables must meet stringent departmental standards. This guarantees our customers the highest reliability on all Solution Technologies cables and assemblies.
  • RF Cables Assemblies
  • Electronic wire cable harness assembly
  • Electro-Mechanical harness assembly
  • Flat and round ribbon
  • Teflon jacketed wire
  • Discrete wire processing
  • Multi-conductor cable & twisted pairs
  • Hybrid cables
  • Over Molded Assemblies
  • Prototype and Pre-production Units for Evaluation
  • Power Cords
  • 26 AWG to 34 AWG discrete (individual) wire assembly
  • 8 AWG to 26 AWG multi-conductor cable assembly
  • Tooling and Testing Development, to include PIM (Passive Intermodulation) distortion testing
  • Box Build
  • Circuit Board Integration
  • Kitting
  • Control Panels
Solution Technologies Coaxial RF assemblies

Solution Technologies offers manufactures a wide array of coaxial RF assemblies including assemblies for telecommunications, military, aerospace, commercial and medical applications. We have high-speed automated equipment such as Schleuniger stripping and cutting machinery to provide high volume precision cut and strip lengths for flexible cable assemblies up to 34 gauge wire. From standard RG grade cabling to exotic low loss flexible cables fully verified. Solution Technologies can fill your coaxial cabling needs. These high performance assemblies are available in semi-rigid or flexible cable configurations for your highly engineered, state of the art system. RF flexible cables have long been in use in telecommunication, military and commercial applications. Solution Technologies can provide cables in the standard military / commercial application system as well as the more exotic low loss high propagation velocity cables for high performance systems.

Harsh Environment Sealing

Enviroseal is a chemically induced process in which the wire goes through a vacuum impregnation to prevent water or moisture intrusion. This process is utilized in wire and components that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Enviroseal provides advanced sealing technology using the latest evolutionary resin technology. The Enviroseal process is highly effective for wires and harnesses, terminated connectors, thermistors, over-molded coil windings, injection mold components, that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Tiny voids, holes and micro leak paths are inherent in many molded electronic components and wires. These conditions can result in intrusion of foreign materials such as humidity, salt spray, oil, and other corrosive agents, which can ultimately lead to component failure. The sealing process ensures part integrity. There is no change in the appearance or dimensional attributes of the components or electronic wire assemblies.

Our technicians have the experience and attention to detail necessary to supply you with all your custom cable needs. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities and LEAN training have made it possible for us to provide competitive and high quality products for virtually every industry. Our goal is to deliver quality custom wire and cable assemblies to you on time to meet your specifications. Quality control is a top priority in our electromechanical manufacturing division. We understand how important communication and quick response times are, Solution Technologies offers advantages other contract electrical manufacturers cannot.